Space Case Magnetic Grinder

Space Case Magnetic Grinder

SKU : TG-900954

People have known and trusted the Space Case brand for ages, mainly for their superb build quality and intelligent design.  Space Case grinders are of a quality that truly sets them apart from the competition.

This four piece grinder is the ultimate grinding machine. Just place your tobacco, coffee beans or favourite herbs in the top compartment and grind it up. From there it falls down into the lower compartment onto a screen. Any residue that comes through the screen will be collected in the bottom for convenient access.

The diamond-shaped sharp cut grinding teeth will never dull and will grind your product down to the finest you could ever need.

Being CNC machined from aerospace aluminum means pieces of this Space Case fits together perfectly, and is durable yet lightweight. Magnets in the pieces cause them to snap shut and hold together while you're grinding. This precise fit, aided by a Teflon grade O-ring means you won't find a smoother grinder out there.

Please note: Photo for illustrative purposes only. Due to the nature of supply, actual appearance may vary slightly.

Dimension (L x W x H) 4 x 4 x 4.5 Centimetre
Weight 85 Gram

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