The Proto Pipe

The Proto Pipe

SKU : TG-902043

The proto pipe has been there since the start of it all and is the original deluxe smoking pipe. Unfortunately due to problems sourcing the original proto pipe we have had to find a new manufacturer. This copy is just as good with some improvements!

The Protopipe was designed in the USA in the early 1960s and has been a big seller the world over ever since.

It is compact in size, gives a smooth smoke and has the added advantage of a storage compartment. It also has a built in cleaning pick you can use as a poker for the bowl.

The built in solid brass guazes saves hassle and the removable bowl collects oils and tars.

This product has stood the test of time as it is excellent.

Weight: 85g

Size: 85mm x 19mm x 25mm

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