Dirty Old Blowback Acrylic Bong

Dirty Old Blowback Acrylic Bong

SKU : TG-900524
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Old Dirty Blowback, or ODB to his friends, is a straight acrylic and aluminium tube bong from our flagship Bling Bongs collection.

Standing 30cm in height, this piece has more than enough capacity to provide hugely satisfying hits. ODB is equipped with a diffused downstem which breaks up the smoke into finer bubbles to increase the surface area. This rapidly smoothes and cools the smoke down to deliver the perfect hit.

The Old Dirty Blowback is decorated with the graffiti style Bling Bongs logo just below the mouthpiece and an embedded cubic zirconia diamond for a touch of bling. The chrome-plated aluminium base is also laser etched with our logo and like all the bongs in the Bling range, ODB comes with a free Bling zirconia diamond charm. Available in your choice of five stunning colours.

  • Height 300mm
  • Diffused aluminium downstem
  • Carb hole / rush hole
  • Polished anodized aluminium bowl
  • Free Bling Bongs zirconia diamond charm

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