Highland Headquarters Papers & Roaches

Highland Headquarters Papers & Roaches

SKU : TG-902463

The Highland Headquarter light/medium weight papers from Pot & Pan UnLtd come highly recommended.

The rice paper and natural acacia gum combination is chemical free, natural and sustainable.  Originally manufactured the pack in 1982 for a shop in Edinburgh featuring a map for directions on the reverse, the market for this popular paper ended up being way outside Edinburgh and so it was decided that the map was no longer relevant.

The infamous thing about the Headquarters is the saucy cartoon strip (artist Pete Snell) hidden in the roaches showing a young WPC (Police woman) taking her kit off, if only all police women were as friendly as this!

Stripping wpc1

Never run out of your favourite extra long rolling Papers ever again whilst keeping your wallet (and the other half) happy with significant savings!

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