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We're a pretty friendly lot around here and while smoking may be prohibited in public buildings, feel free to blaze away while visiting our online shop (as long as you're not in a public building of course).

We've got a lot of tasty goodies in our head shop. At the moment, we've got Bongs, Pipes, Grinders, and Scales, as well as Smoking Papers and a bunch of stuff in between. Plus, we'll be adding new tasties on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often!
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Badger 2 Zero
The Funnyfarm is also home to Hereford's premier Airsoft club. Badger 2 Zero has been running for over a year now and we have hosted many community and youth events throughout that time.
If you're interested in joining, get in touch, pop by the club home in Eign Gate or visit our online page here to browse our huge selection of Airsoft products and accessories. From Airsoft Guns to bespoke and extremely cool tactical gear, Badger 2 Zero is your one-stop shop in Hereford for all things Airsoft.

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